Cameroon develops 37 varieties of rice through a cooperation with South Korea


In the framework of the project to grow rice in irrigated fields, Cameroon has developed 37 new varieties of rice; this with the assistance of South Korea. The information has been revealed by Henri Eyébé Ayissi, the minister of agriculture during a recent visit at the experimental farm in Avangan.

According to the minister, 15 tons of certified conventional rice seed and 3 tons of certified upland rice seed have been distributed to producers in the central, Eastern and Western region, thanks to this project. This distribution could help create 600 hectares of rice fields.

In the same vein, according to official sources, 30 hectares of rice fields were created in Nkoteng for an annual production which stands at 310 tons.

Through this project, Cameroon’s government expects to appropriate the South Korean experience in the production of rice in irrigated fields.


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