Cameroon imports rice worth F CFA 100 Billion yearly


According to statistics from the Ministry of the economy, planning and regional development, the country imports rice worth F CFA 100 Billion yearly to meet up with the population rice needs.

A trend which economic experts have described as a significant loss of revenue for a public treasury that wants to up it’s game.

With an estimated domestic production of less than 150 000 tonnes and an annual demand of more than 300 000 tonnes, the country rice needs is estimated as very high.

It is against this backdrop that Cameroon government officials have embarked on process aimed at boosting local rice production to close the gap. Reports say, MINEPAT officials are currently on the field conducting operations, “with the aim of identifying a development and extension program for rice production”.

The objectives, the experts say, is to reduce imports and boost local rice production activities which will eventually cover the entire Cameroonian market and make prices fall.


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