Canada’s wheat exports down 20 per cent


Canada is starting to lose ground in global wheat markets, one crop analyst says.

Analyst Marlene Boersch is calling for the Canadian wheat sector to develop a strategy to bring sales back on track. Exports of Canadian wheat to date this year are down 20 per cent compared to the same period last year, while competing countries like the United States and Russia are cashing in on a greater share of the wheat market.

“I think we seem content again to do 30-some million tonnes… but it’s not an increase,” she said. “And as I said earlier on wheat, we’ve seen an increasing market, but we’re not really planning for it.”

A glut of lower quality wheat in the system, partly because of disease issues in the crop, is bearing the brunt of the blame, but the marketing of other crops is also affecting sales.

Boersch said Canadian marketers will need to pick up the pace to move the high volume of wheat still in the system from 2016.


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