Chicken from Brazil and US CLQ could help stabilize industry in Indonesia


The decision on Brazil’s complaint to the WTO (DS484) about Indonesia’s unfair trade restrictions on the imports of chicken meat and chicken products will be announced in May this year. A poultry farmer told Asian Agribiz that he hopes Brazil's exports to Indonesia are approved. “This will force local integrators to adjust their expansion plans.

They have expanded aggressively, leaving independent farmers with a shrinking market share,” he said. On the other hand, the US also filed its complaint about Indonesia’s animals & animal products import restriction. A meat processing industry player told Asian Agribiz that he hopes Indonesia can import chicken leg quarters (CLQ) from the US for the meat processing industry. “CLQ is good to be processed into meat meal, and the quality is better than MDM [meat deboned meal]. On one hand, CLQ meal will offer a competitive advantage to meat processors and consumers will get further processed products with higher meat content,” he explained.



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