China doubled sunoil imports from Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan supplied 2.6 KMT of sunoil to foreign markets in June 2017, or 16% less than in the previous month and down 23.5% from June 2016.

Overall the current 2016/17 season becomes the most successful one for Kazakhstan. So, this season’s exports (September-June) reached a record 33 KMT, having broken the trend of the last two seasons, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Kazakh sunoil is shipped to its traditional end markets, i.e. to the neighboring countries.  The top importers among the latter are still China (58% of total exports) and Tajikistan (20%). Noteworthy, the current 2016/17 season saw a substantial rise in this product’s deliveries from Kazakhstan to China (+10 KMT), Tajikistan (+3.4 KMT) and Afghanistan (+3.3 KMT).



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