China Removes Tariffs On Livestock Feed Of Asian Origin To Meet Their Demand For Soybeans


Import tariffs on soybeans, soymeal, rapeseed, and fishmeal will be removed July 1 as China seeks alternatives to US Soybeans.

The countries exempted are Bangladesh, Laos, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and India, all of which are rather small producers. Last year, India grew 11 MMT of beans but only exported 269,000 MT and exported none of the 7 MMT of rapeseed grown in the same crop year.

This follows yesterday’s news that China has approved imports of French beef, which were previously banned due to concerns of mad cow disease which hasn’t been an issue in Europe for nearly 20 years. China is the world’s #2 importer of beef, importing nearly $3.3 billion worth in 2017.

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