China Set to Modernize Its Agriculture


China has easily transformed into a financial hub from in its initial status as an agriculture economy. The entire Chinese economy may not be agriculturally based now, but some decades ago it was.

The importance of agriculture in any developed economy cannot be undermined because this is the sector that's the starting point for any country to embark on its road to development. The primary sector's importance cannot be nullified by higher sectors up the economic hierarchy.

Given its new five-year plan, the State Council remarked that the country aims to achieve "agricultural modernization" by the year 2020. According to China Daily, the project intends to improve the quality of farm production and efficiency in supply. It also aims to strive for food security in order to augment the primary sector's international competitiveness.

What's more importance is that China's agricultural initiative also expresses concerns for the rural population and promises economic prosperity in the domain of agriculture to elevate the lifestyles of those who are dependent on this sector.

According to the plan, modern agriculture ought to be established and maintained in China's eastern coast, along the developed regions which include various suburbs, state farms, demonstration areas and even major cities.

The project speaks of promoting agricultural innovation, inducing green development and sector coordination in order to enhance the welfare of Chinese farmers. The plan is well systematized. Xinhua reported that it comprises of 14 key projects which will serve as milestones to assess the plan's eventual accomplishments.

These key projects are inclusive of effectively cultivating farmland and integrating sub-industries to ensure good quality farm output and production. The government of China will provide fiscal and financial support to uphold the stature of the country's agricultural sector, along with executing improved land policies and market regulations that will work towards bettering the entire industry.


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