China slaps anti-dumping measures on Brazilian chicken


Effective June 9, China’s Ministry of Commerce imposed temporary anti-dumping measures on Brazilian chicken meat imports. Chinese importers have to pay customs deposits ranging from 18.8% to 38.4% on purchases, according to China’s official news agency Xinhua. The measure is temporary, and a final decision will be announced in August.

China started an anti-dumping investigation related to Brazilian chicken meat in mid-2017, after complaints from the local industry that the Brazilian product was being sold below market value. Brazil exported about 391,400 tonnes of chicken meat to China in 2017, according to ABPA, Brazil’s poultry and pork meat industry association. “The anti-dumping measure is a step backwards in the good commercial relations built by Brazilians and Chinese throughout this decade, as well as in the partnership aiming at guaranteeing China’s food security,” ABPA said.


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