Congress slams government for removing import duty on wheat


The Congress on Thursday slammed the government decision to remove import duty on wheat, saying the union ministers "need education".

"There was no justification to remove the import duty on wheat from 25 per cent to 0 per cent. Our farmers are not getting access to the international market during this government's time," said senior Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma.

Sharma said the height of insensitivity of the government towards the farmers is evident in the official statement justifying its decision to remove the import duty.

"One of the reasons given by the government is that Indian wheat has gluten and allergens whereas the wheat from Canada and Australia has no gluten. This is an illiterate statement... They should withdraw the statement with an apology."

"Wheat contains gluten irrespective of where it is produced. Only millets, bajra and quinoa are gluten-free. This government's ministers need education about what is gluten-free. We will be very happy to educate them," added Sharma.


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