Corn and soybeans conditions are surprisingly favorable in southern Brazil


In the two major soybean producers in southern Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, the crop conditions are a lot more favorable than expected, official data reveals. The most recent information from the state of Paraná says that nearly 99 percent of the surface planted of both corn and soybeans are under “good conditions”, as 91 percent of the corn is under maturation and 68 percent of soybeans at the same stage with 56 percent of the crop harvested. The corn area had 40 percent of its estimated volume harvested.

Farther to the south in Rio Grande do Sul, government numbers reveal that there can be a soybean harvest of 16.7 million metric tons, which is 3.43 percent higher than the previous season, but most of the increase is explained by higher yields. On the other hand, corn may present a higher increase of output mostly because of a bigger surface planted in the state and a total growth of 17.26 percent to 5.55 million metric tons.

In the view of Antônio da Luz, chief-economist of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Rio Grande do Sul, the agricultural sector growth will be robust this year because of a better weather than last year. “Agricultural did not fall last year for the same reason than other sectors. Our problem was the climate. If not for El Niño, we would have grown,” he told local media outlets.


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