Corn harvesting in Belarus is 94% complete


A crop survey showed that winter cereals at tillering (the best stage for wintering) are on a larger area than last year. Overall, Belarusian winter cereals have tillered in 65% of the surveyed fields, even in 69% and 74% of the fields in Brest and Grodno regions, respectively. The state of winter cereals is good in most fields.

On average, 12% of winter cereals in Belarus are at the emergence stage, even 16-19% in Gomel and Mogilev regions.

On average, 90% of surveyed winter rape crops over the country are in good condition.

According to current information of the Ag Ministry, corn was harvested from 121.5 Th ha by November 20 (94.1% of the planned 129 Th ha). Its crop amounted to 935.6 KMT with an average yield of 7.7 MT/ha.

At the same time in 2016, corn was harvested from 119.4 Th ha (99.2%) with a crop of 973.5 KMT and an average yield of 8.17 MT/ha.

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