Drought in Southern Honduras hits sugarcane growers


Severe droughts in the southern Honduran provinces of Choluteca and Valle are an annual problem for sugarcane growers and other farmers, a situation exacerbated by poor water management.

It is reported by EFE.

«The lack of water, or drought, in the south is quite a big barrier to productivity. Water for sugarcane (crops) is needed most in April and May, and that's exactly when the river goes dry», — the head of the federation of Honduran independent sugarcane growers Alejandro Abufele said.

«Were there sufficient water in the southern part of the country, like in the north, "you could produce more sugarcane and there'd be more productivity per hectare under cultivation», — Abufele said.

«But there is no easy solution to the problem of insufficient water in the south», — he said, noting that the lack of that resource "has to do with climate change, deforestation and other elements".

«Sometimes with money you can mitigate the problem, but with the extensive production (model used in growing) sugarcane, profit margins are small and there's not enough to invest in irrigation», — Abufele said.


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