Earlier start of harvest in Kazakhstan


The grain harvest is picking up pace in South Kazakhstan region.

A total 218 Th ha was planted to cereals in the region, including   165 Th ha of winter ones as the most productive crops. The rest was given to spring cereals.

The region’s arable land is mostly rain-fed. It now yields on average 1.54 MT/ha. At the same time, 2.6-2.8 MT/ha of wheat and barley are harvested from irrigated areas in Shardarinsky district and Turkestan.

This year’s very hot summer leads to a brisker pace of harvest: it has already been completed on an area of more than 7 Th ha. Noteworthy is that the 2017 harvest started earlier than last year. Farmers are afraid that overripe ears will fail to keep kernels from shedding , therefore they are speeding up the work. Supposedly, the grain harvest will last for more than a month.

It should be pointed out that last year’s harvest areas of wheat and barley in South Kazakhstan region totaled 214.4 Th ha. The yield appeared to be 0.42 MT/ha above its actual level of 2015 (1.78 MT/ha). Thus, Kazakhstan got the largest crop since its independence. Some rain-fed fields in the region yielded roughly 2.6 MT/ha.


Kazakhstan’s areas of winter wheat cultivation enjoyed favorable conditions for harvest on July 1-10. Winter wheat is at the stages of waxy to full ripeness. Growers have started harvesting everywhere. Winter wheat is primarily in good and excellent condition.

The July 1-10 conditions were also favorable for growth and development of spring cereals and harvest in the south of the country. Brief precipitation in the northern half of Kazakhstan improved atmospheric and soil moisture supply. Chemical treatment against weeds and pests continues in northern plantings of spring cereals.

In areas where heat-loving crops are grown, the meteorological situation throughout the ten days was mostly favorable for their growth and development. Vegetative irrigation of corn crops is going on.



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