Egg prices in Indonesia drop due to seasonal low demand

The price of eggs in some regions in Indonesia has been below production cost since end September. Singgih Januratmoko, Chairman of the Indonesian Poultry Farmers Association (Pinsar Indonesia) said the farm gate price of eggs per kg in West Java and Central Java, for instance, currently stood at USD 1.22 and USD 1.15 respectively, while the production cost is around USD 1.34. 
“Current demand for eggs is low, while production increased by 5-10% since September. However, we expect the price will be corrected in November,” he said. Meanwhile, Ki Musbar, Coordinator of the National Layer Farmers Forum noted that at consumer level the price of eggs per kg in Java is around USD 1.38-1.53, while in Greater Jakarta the price is around USD 1.76. Mr Musbar added that farmers’ production cost increased to USD 1.34 from USD 1.22 as local corn price increased to USD 0.34 per kg.

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