Egypt and Turkey absorbed 23% of Romanian corn


In July 2016/17 MY Romania exported 45 KMT of corn, which was lower than over the previous two seasons (111 KMT in July 2016; 324 KMT in July 2015) and lower than 5-year average for this month – 143 KMT.

Since the beginning of the current season (September-July) corn exports of Romania equaled 3345.5 KMT, which is 12% higher than over the same period last year - 2995.65 KMT, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Egypt remains the key buyer of the current season with 397 KMT (113.5 KMT over September-July 2015/16). Spain sharply decreased imports to 361 KMT (596 KMT) as well as Netherlands – 147 KMT (424 KMT).

Turkey continues to be interested in Romanian corn – 359 KMT (218 KMT). France grew imports to 269 KMT (21.7 KMT).



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