Egypt: Sugar Shortages Hit Egyptian Markets


After a three-hour hunt for sugar in a number of shops in Giza, one consumer was able to find one bag at a supermarket, but at the price of EGP 10.

The same 1 kg bag was sold at EGP 5 about two months ago.

"We hear daily that the government has supplied sugar, but the reality is that sugar is lacking from all supermarkets, and even consumer complexes, and as soon as it becomes available, it runs out," Yasmin, an Egyptian consumer, said.

She is not alone as other consumers have reported deficiency in sugar supply at more than one commercial chain.

An Aswat Masriya reporter went for a tour in Downtown Cairo Tuesday night in search for sugar, but did not find any at the government's Al Ahram Markets' branches and other shops, however it was available at some of the large commercial chains.

The manager of an Al-Ahram Market branch, Ashraf, told Aswat Masriya that the quantities of sugar supplied to the market have declined since last month, adding that nothing has arrived in the past two days.

"The Ahram Market always had no less than 2 tonnes of sugar in stock, however last month the quantities supplied to us declined by almost half and are sold in just hours due to the increasing demand," he said.

Al-Ahram Market is one of the government complexes where sugar is sold at a subsidised price of EGP 5, resulting in high demand. It also sells sugar to consumers who are not under the umbrella of the supply ministry's subsidy system for the same subsidised price.

"We even set a limit of 3 kg of sugar per person in order to allow a larger number of people to buy it," Ashraf added.


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