Egypt wants to boost its exports


After a very satisfactory year, with agricultural exports rising by 17% in 2016 and Egypt is now the world's largest exporter of citrus fruit in the world according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the objective is to continue to progress in 2017.
AEC (Agriculture Export Council) expects Egyptian agricultural exports to reach $ 2.26 billion in 2017. This is 5% higher compared to the $ 2.146 billion recorded for 2016. To achieve this goal, AEC wants to stimulate cooperation between producers and exporters, to accompany the establishment of new crops to meet the demands of foreign markets, and finally to diversify outlets.
Egyptian exports first take control of the Arab markets (50%) and then of the European Union (40%), the rest is distributed to various countries. AEC intends to develop exports to Africa, given the low shipping costs and geographical proximity. The current very low share of exports to Africa could rapidly increase to 5% of the total export in the coming years.


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