EPA sends 2019-20 US biofuel mandate proposal to White House


The US Environmental Protection Agency has sent its proposal for the federal biofuel mandate's 2019 ethanol volumes and 2020 biodiesel volumes to the White House, according to Office of Management and Budget records.

The notice did not contain any details from the proposal, but the status gives biofuel and refiner industry players an indication that the regulation is likely on track to be announced on schedule.

The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs received the proposal Friday, according to records published Monday.

The Renewable Fuel Standard requires refiners and importers to blend 19.29 billion gallons of renewable fuel into the US transportation fuel supply in 2018, including an implied 15 billion gallons of conventional ethanol. The conventional level is unchanged from 2017.

EPA set the 2019 biodiesel requirement at 2.1 billion gallons, unchanged the 2018 requirement and up slightly from 2 billion gallons for 2017.

The total 2018 renewable fuel volume represents 10.67% of the US transportation fuel pool.

EPA publicly released its 2018 proposal in July and met the law's deadline for setting final volumes by November 30.


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