EU corn market: competition is getting strong and more to come


Season 2016/17 was marked with second in a row low corn crop in top-producing EU countries – France, Romania, Italy and Spain. According to European Commission`s estimates, EU corn crop totaled 59.073 MMT in 2016/17, almost in line with last year volume  - 59.066 MMT at the expense of higher production in other top producers and in EU countries, which predominantly import corn.

EU imports are forecasted higher than last year – 14 MMT against 13.2 MMT and the potential for further increase of exports from Ukraine, and Russia, which respectively took 63% and 11% of EU corn market last season, really exists.

But it should be noted, that during the first two month of current season (September-October) export pace from these countries is slower than last year and there are several reasons for that, Olena Hesova, UkrAgroConsult’s analyst notes.

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