EU countries increased Kazakh wheat imports


In 2015/16 total exports of Kazakh wheat were 3.57 MMT, which was 11.5% higher than last season (3.2 MMT in 2014/15), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Key importers of the season traditionally were Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan. Exports in the destination of Iran tripled – to 290 KMT. Exports doubled in the destination of China – to 283 KMT against 126.4 KMT in 2014/15.

EU countries purchased 38% more wheat from Kazakhstan to 165.3 KMT. Turkey partially recovered imports, buying 83.4 KMT against 37.7 KMT last season, though the volumes are the lowest in the last 10 seasons. Meanwhile, UkrAgroConsult expects further recovery of shipments to Turkish market in 2016/17.

Given the higher export potential of Kazakh wheat in 2016/17 season, UkrAgroConsult believes that further export growth will be also in the destination of China.



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