EU increased rye purchases from Ukraine


As rye production in the country is on the rise, Ukrainian traders have intensified this crop’s exports appreciably. Ukraine exported 13.3 KMT of rye in the first half of the current that is already up 24.4% from last season’s total (10.7 KMT was shipped abroad in MY 2016/17), reports UkrAgroConsult.

The gain in this season’s rye supplies was accounted for mostly by the European Union. In the reporting period, the EU imported almost four times as much Ukrainian rye as last marketing year (12.8 KMT against 3.3 KMT in MY 2016/17).

Belarus also remains a stable end market for this cereal crop. In the 2017/18 season, Ukrainian exporters resumed rye supplies to Israel and South Africa.

Ukraine has managed to step up rye exports owing to a substantial increase in its production of this crop. According to preliminary information of the Ukrainian Statistics Committee, Ukraine’s 2017 rye crop amounted to a four-year high of 507 KMT that is up 29.4% from 2016. This growth in rye production resulted both from an 18.2% expansion of rye plantings and an 8.8% yield increase.



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