EU refused to increase the quota for Ukrainian wheat imports


The European Parliament Committee on International Trade voted against increasing the import quotas for Ukrainian wheat, tomatoes and carbamide, the Bloomberg news agency reports.

Reportedly, the European Commission proposed in September 2016 to expand the quotas for a number of commodity items from Ukraine. The matter concerned the possibility of increasing the quotas for corn – by 650 KMT, wheat – by 100 KMT, barley – by 350 KMT, oats and processed grain – by 7.8 KMT, oats – by 4 KMT, honey – by 3 KMT, grape juice – by 500 MT, and processed tomatoes – by 5 KMT, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In March 2017, the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture voted against expanding the quotas for cereals and tomatoes from Ukraine.

Noteworthy is that the 2017 quota for duty-free wheat exports from Ukraine to the EU was almost used up by late April. 957.306 KMT of Ukrainian wheat had already been supplied within a quota of 960 KMT.

The corn export quota of 450 KMT was used up completely back in the beginning of the year. 58.65 KMT of barley was exported within the respective quota in the four months of 2017. This is 21.72% of its total volume (270 KMT).



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