EU significantly increased imports of Ukrainian barley and began importing Kazakh barley


UKRAINE. Ukrainian barley deliveries to foreign markets in the whole of MY 2017/18 (July-June) turned out to be 20% below last season’s record: 4.3 MMT against 5.3 MMT in MY 2016/17, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Barley exports from Ukraine remained quite active during the last month of the season. So, 75.8 KMT was exported in June that is 2% more than in the previous month (73.9 KMT) but 20% less than in June 2017.    

Despite the overall decrease in exports in MY 2017/18, some major importers of Ukrainian barley stepped up its purchases. So, while the top buyer – Saudi Arabia – cut barley imports by 18% to 1.8 MMT this season, China imported 789.4 KMT, or 163% more than in MY 2016/17.

The EU continues to be a stable consumer of Ukrainian grain. In MY 2017/18, barley shipments to this destination increased 25% to 308.5 KMT. In addition, Turkey boosted barley imports from Ukraine by 26% this season.

A substantial fall was observed in shipments to Libya, which is a major market. Deliveries to this country in MY 2017/18 were down 72% on the year at 269.2 KMT.

KAZAKHSTAN. Kazakhstan exported 1.28 MMT of barley in September-May 2017/18 that is already 83% more than in the whole of MY 2016/17, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The pace of barley exports from Kazakhstan continued slowing down in May 2017/18. They totaled 61.1 KMT that month, or 54% less than a year ago. However, this is almost three times as much as shipped abroad in May 2017.  

As before, the top buyer of Kazakh barley is Iran, which imported 1.22 MMT in the period under review – this is already 95% more than in the whole of MY 2016/17. At the same time, shipments to Uzbekistan in the first nine months of the current season were down 23% on the year (at 26.1 KMT). 

It is worth noting that EU countries began importing Kazakh barley this year and already purchased some 11 KMT. Just minor, one-time deliveries had been made to this market before.

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