EU sugar exports will not exceed 2 million tonnes in 2019/2020


Sugar exports from the EU will not exceed 2 million tonnes in the coming years, says the head of Sucden analytical department Marina Sidak at «Sugar World 2019» International Congress.

«During the last 5 seasons, sugar exports from the EU ranged from 1,4 to 3,6 million tonnes. The season of 2017/2018 MY after the abolition of production quotas in autumn 2017 — 3,55 million tonnes of sugar were delivered to foreign markets. However, in the coming years exports will not exceed 2 million tonnes», — explained Marina Sidak.

She says, the main shipments are made to the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East.

In addition, in 2019, the ​​sugar beet harvested area will be reduced by about 5,5% due to more favorable prices for alternative crops, especially wheat.

«The prohibition of neonicotinoids in the main producing countries of the EU, which widely used this pesticide, will negatively affect the sugar beet yields and its production. This will leed to the increase in the plant protection products cost and, as a result, in the production costs», — summed up the expert.

In 2019/2020 MY, sugar production in the EU is expected to be almost at the level of 2018/2019, despite expectations of more favorable weather.


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