Europe becomes the first destination for avocados in Chile


Although there has been significant growth in avocados' exports to China, the main destination for Chilean avocado is Europe with over 84,000 tons of avocados.
The sector organization (Paltas Hass Committee of Chile) stressed that export volumes and performance are satisfactory. According to official data, from the 1st of September 2016 to 14 March 2017, Chile exported a total of 136 153 tonnes of avocados, mainly of the Hass variety.
Of this volume, more than 84,000 tonnes were destined for the European market, which became the main market for Chilean avocados. With significant developments: Germany imported more than 2 800 tonnes (46 tonnes the previous season), France more than 4 000 tonnes (814 tonnes the previous season), Belgium more than 1 500 tonnes (436 tonnes previous season).
Growth also in the Chinese market, including Hong Kong, with more than 11,000 tons for this 2016/17 season (5,400 tons in 2015/16). Exports to the United States amounted to 26 000 tonnes.


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