Europe increases GMO use. What are benefits for Ukraine?


On September 16 the European Commission approved eleven GM corn varieties created by Syngenta. The permission was granted for corn use as food and fodder for ten years, but does not apply to its cultivation.

And one more fact – in July this year the European Commission allowed imports of three GM soybean lines (two – by Monsanto, and one – by Bayer).

Therefore, the recent events of the second half of 2016 suggest that Europe has started a campaign aimed at increase in GMO use. What it may be driven by?

In opinion of UkrAgroConsult, firstly, the decision to expand the list of allowed varieties may be caused by reduction of grain production in the EU in 2016, and expected growth of corn imports. In such a manner, they may try to increase freedom of choice for European customers. Secondly…

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