European countries becoming the primary importers of Russian sunseed


Russia exported 47.8 KMT of sunseed in November 2016/17 against 16.5 KMT in October 2016 and 2.6 KMT a year ago, reports UkrAgroConsult. A total of 67.1 KMT of this commodity was shipped abroad in the three months of the season 2016/17 (September-November). The bumper sunseed crop allowed exporters to significantly boost foreign sales of this oilseed. So, sunseed shipments are up more than 13 times year-over-year.

No considerable changes happened in the range of export destinations. The new season started with more active purchases by traditional importers of Russian sunseed. This season, European countries and Turkey stepped up purchases to 32.6 KMT and 32 KMT, respectively, and their export shares to 48% each. Azerbaijan, on the contrary, cut imports of Russian sunseed almost three times (roughly 2%).



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