European Union agreed on quotas for Ukraine


As a result of talks on providing trade preferences to Ukraine, the parties reached a compromise: the quotas for tomatoes, wheat and honey will be reduced and urea will be excluded from offers, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The following annual quotas were set for Ukrainian agricultural products:

- corn – 625 KMT;

- barley – 325 KMT;

- wheat – 65 KMT;

- processed tomatoes – 3 KMT;

- honey – 2.5 KMT.

The preferences will be granted for up to three years as a supplement to the agreement on a deep and comprehensive free trade area.

As a reminder, the European Union’s quotas for Ukrainian grain supplies in 2017 are as follows: 960 KMT of wheat, 450 KMT of corn and 270 KMT of barley.



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