Exports of dairy products from Russia grew by 10% in 2016


According to preliminary data, the volume of export shipments of dairy products was in 2016, 10% higher in comparison with the year 2015 and amounted to 736 thousand t for the sum of 264 million USD, while the value of exports increased by only 4.8%, which indicates a decline in average export prices for dairy products

The increase in exports according to preliminary results of 2016 notes on key groups of dairy products in the export structure:

  •     ice cream (+30% exported 17.2 thousand tons for 38.2 million USD)
  •     cheese products (+28% exported 22.6 thousand tonnes at 25.7 million USD)
  •     dairy products (exported 12% more products – 48.0 thousand tonnes in the amount of 25.7 million USD)
  •     whey (2 times more exported 3.3 thousand tons to 2.9 million USD)
  •     butter (9% more exported 5,0 thousand tons to 12.5 million USD)
  •     cheese and curd (+2% exported 25.2 thousand t 57,0 million USD).

By the end of 2015, Russia exported 670 thousand tons dairy products in terms of milk (-7% compared to 2014) for a total amount of 252 million USD (according to Rosstat, exports in 2015 amounted to 606 thousand tons, which is 3.7% less than the amount in 2014).

Export structure by types of dairy products has remained relatively stable for several years. The largest share in exports (in value terms) accounted for dairy products (26%), in second place – cheese and curd (22%), followed by ice cream (15%), condensed and dried milk and cream (12%), dairy products (10%), cheese products (10%), butter and other milk fats (5%). In comparison with the year 2015 in the export structure increased the share of cheese products and ice cream declined – dry and condensed milk and cream, milk and dairy products, cheese and cottage cheese.

The main consumers of dairy products exported from Russia are CIS countries, primarily Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. While Kazakhstan's share gradually decreases (in 2013 – 56%, in 2015 – 48%, according to preliminary results of 2016 – 45%), and Ukraine's share, by contrast, is increasing (from 5% in 2013 to 17% in 2016), which may be associated with the supply of grant aid to Ukraine.

In addition to the CIS countries of the Russian dairy products import China, Abkhazia, Mongolia, Georgia, Israel, USA, Chile, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, the Republic of the Congo, United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Korea and several other countries, including European (Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and others).


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