Exports of Turkish fruits and vegetables are rising in March


The general upward trend since January 2017 is confirmed, with a loss however in terms of value.
If the tag is still tomato (40% increase followed by lemon (+ 23%), exports of most vegetables are down compared to March 2016. Note a remarkable increase in exports of onions, apples and potatoes.
Apples have damaged the pomegranate pawn and accounts for 75 percent of total fruit exports with 140 percent increase compared to March 2016.
Citrus exports decreased by 14% compared to the same period in 2016, mainly due to lower exports of grapefruit and mandarins. The figures therefore confirm an early end of the grapefruit season, which began last month.
Russia is now only the 5th largest importer of Turkish fruits and vegetables, down 46 per cent from March 2016. Iraq is ranked first and accounts for 32 per cent of total exports. It should be noted that the substantial increase in imports from Belarus (+83%), which ranks it second among the importing countries with 12% of total imports. Romania and Germany follow, but by far (respectively 6 and 2% of total imports.


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