Farmers desperate to save rice farms


THE heavy rain experienced in the Northern Division in the past few days resulted in flooding in some areas.

And it has prompted rice farmers to look for new farming methods to help save their farms.

The farmers, who were still struggling to recover from past damages caused by the heavy downpour following tropical depression 04F and TD10F, had their farms destroyed again early this week.

Siberia branch road farmer Sanjay Kumar said he lost $500 worth of rice after floods caused by the heavy rain.

"We find it really hard to try and maintain everything that we have lost and the cost of manure that we had just applied on the farm has now gone to waste and we need to find new farming methods to help us save our farms," he said.

Mr Kumar said he lost a lot of crops as they were damaged by the heavy downpour.

"We cannot argue over the fact that disaster happens but then again we are losing out a lot and we need some assistance on what we can do to help get our production back," he said.

"We have been hearing news of heavy rain and how it has led to floods and this needs to be taken into account or at least someone to come up with an idea of how to help farmers on what to do next."

Echoing the same sentiments another rice farmer, Kishore Kumar said the heavy downpour experienced in the North was extremely new for them.

"We used to experience a lot of sunshine here in the North and we used to complain about it but now when we have rain, we again complain mainly because the weather affects us so much," he said.

"We can only ask for some other methods of farming to be introduced so we can save our farms when the weather changes."


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