Finnish farmers gave 2 billion euros of subsidies


The amount of financial support of agriculture in Finland to 2016 amounted to 2,035 billion euros, of which 890 million Euro of EU money, said the Agency for development of agriculture of the Republic of Mavi

All the money from the state received more than 60.6 thousand industry representatives. Most of the agricultural subsidies paid to farmers, also provided support to project managers, municipalities, NGOs, representatives of trade and industry – to all who in any way contributes to the development of this market.

Most of the subsidies received dairy company Valio – about 2.3 million euros.

Recall that in 2016 Valio closed the factory in Tampere. Among the reasons for stopping production capacity was called the Russian food embargo, which has hit the business of the group, and the General overproduction of milk in the world and the lack of quotas for European dairy producers.


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