Five products dominate the Ukrainian food exports in 2018


Sunflower oil holds the largest share in the Ukrainian food products export in 2018. Shipments of the product amounted to 55.8 mln tons, the Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB) informs.

The TOP-5 export products in the indicated period are as follows:

    sunflower oil — USD 4.1 bln;
    meat and edible poultry meat co-products — USD 507 mln;
    beet sugar — USD 217 mln;
    chocolate products — USD 171 mln;
    bakery products — USD 153 mln.

    "In total exports, value-added products will show growth in 2019, but compared with the export of commodities, the growth will not be so sizable," the UFEB Analytical Department stresses.

In 2018, Ukraine entered the top five of world exporters of butter, however, apples can join the top 10 export products of Ukraine. At the same time, if the areas under soybeans do not significantly decrease, then this export product will remain in the top ten in 2019.

As previously reported, flour exports from Ukraine as of Jan. 31st amounted to 143.4 thou. tons.


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