Flour exports from Kazakhstan hit a high in MY 2017/18


In August, the last month of the 2017/18 season, Kazakhstan exported 169.4 KMT of flour, or 9.4% more than in the previous month but 5.1% less than in August 2017.

In MY 2017/18, Kazakh flour shipments to foreign markets totaled 2.32 MMT, or 2% more than in MY 2016/17 (2.28 MMT). In addition, 2017/18 flour exports from Kazakhstan were the highest since MY 2011/12, when they were at 2.9 MMT.

Traditionally, the top buyers of Kazakh flour are Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. These countries absorbed over 95% of Kazakh flour exports in MY 2017/18. However, while deliveries to Afghanistan decreased 4.9% in MY 2017/18 (to 1.48 MMT), flour exports to Uzbekistan were up 18.3% year-over-year at 719.9 KMT. 

Among major importers of Kazakh flour, the greatest gains in purchases this past season were seen in Turkmenistan (+56.4%) and China (+55.1%). Tajikistan slashed imports by 35.6%.





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