Flour exports from Russia down 30% in 2016/17


Russian flour exports still lagged behind last season in October-November 2016, UkrAgroConsult notes.

So, Russian exporters have supplied roughly 80 KMT to foreign markets in MY 2016/17, or 30% less than in July-November 2015/16 (114 KMT).

Despite the drop in shipments, the season already features increased deliveries of Russian flour to China. In the period under review, flour exports from Russia to China more than doubled to 29 KMT from 13 KMT in July-November  2015/16. However, both Russia and Ukraine may face competition from Kazakhstan in this flour destination market in the current season. The latter country substantially boosts flour exports in MY 2016/17.

At that time, China absorbed 36% of total flour exports from Russia, reports UkrAgroConsult. Simultaneously, deliveries to other key outlet markets for Russian flour such as Georgia, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and others shrank substantially.



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