Flour exports from Ukraine hit a new high


Ukraine exported 41.4 KMT of flour in June 2017, or 44% more than at the same time last year.

For the whole 2016/17 season, Ukraine shipped abroad a record 407.6 KMT of flour that is 18.4% above the previous peak reached in MY 2015/16 (344.1 KMT), UkrAgroConsult notes.

In the past season, China was still the top export destination of Ukrainian flour with the country’s market share at 20%. Ukrainian exporters stepped up flour shipments substantially to most of their end markets. So, flour exports to Angola reached 30.7 KMT against 7.5 KMT in MY 2015/16, while Somalia imported 30.6 KMT (1.9 KMT), the UAE did 25.9 KMT (3.2 KMT).

Flour exports to Palestine increased 38% to 30.3 KMT, those to the EU gained 52% to 16 KMT.



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