Flour exports from Ukraine set a record in MY 2017/18


Ukraine shipped abroad a total 429.8 KMT of flour in MY 2017/18 that is 5.4% more than in the previous season (407.6 KMT). As a reminder, the current season witnessed the highest exports since MY 1996/97, UkrAgroConsult’s analysts report.

Ukrainian flour exports in June 2017/18 totaled 21.4 KMT, i.e. they were down 23% from the previous month and down 48% from June 2017.

In MY 2017/18, the greatest increase was in shipments to Singapore, which became a major importer of Ukrainian flour (20.7 KMT versus 2.3 KMT it purchased last season). In the period under review, substantial growth was also seen in Ukrainian flour deliveries to China (up 54% from MY 2016/17) and the UAE (up 79% from MY 2016/17).

Deliveries to Israel fell by 18% to 24.4 KMT. South Korea also bought far less Ukrainian flour this season: just 2.3 KMT against 26 KMT in MY 2016/17.

Although slightly lagging last year, flour production in Ukraine is enough to meet the growing export needs. So, Ukrainian millers produced some 870 KMT of flour in January-June, or 7% less than in the same period a year ago (935.8 KMT). 

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