France. Expected winter areas and production in decline


Estimates for this winter season 2016-17 announce areas of lettuce as well as a decline in production (-6%).
According to the estimates of Agreste (Ministry of Agriculture), the winter surfaces reach 4,052 hectares, a decrease of 6% compared to the areas of the 2015-16 season.
The surfaces of "batavia" and "lettuce to cut", with respectively 40 and 32% of the surfaces, would decrease by 3 and 8% over 1 year; Those implanted in the "other headland" variety by 8%.
Winter production will decline and is expected to total 299 million head (-6%). The decline is marked (-20%) for "lettuce to cut" with 91 million heads while the "batavia" will increase (3%) with 121 million head. The categories "other c" 83 million head and "Roman" 2.8 million head.
The south-eastern regions of the country concentrate almost on the winter lettuce which is 3/4 of the production and 2460 hectares registered, followed by those of the Southwest (521 hectares).


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