Frost came to Ukraine


Today, December 7, air temperature in Ukraine dropped to 14°C below zero.

So, freezing temperatures of down to -10-12°C are expected in the west of the country, down to -11-14°C in the north and down to -14-17°C in the east. In the south, they will lower to 3-5°C below zero. At the same time, no precipitation is forecast in Ukraine.

It should be noted that snow cover height in the country reaches 32 cm, but warming is expected all across Ukraine as soon as tomorrow. A temperature hike to +4-9°C is forecast. According to meteorological stations, above-zero temperatures will stay in Ukraine for roughly a week, and frost is predicted to return in the first half of next week.

Such weather conditions and temperature swings may cause snow to melt down in many parts of the country prior to next freeze, thereby endangering underdeveloped winter crops, reports UkrAgroConsult. As a reminder, about 17.6% of all emerged winter cereals were in weak and sparse condition as of December 1.

More information on crop conditions and progress in harvesting/seeding campaign in the countries of Black Sea Region is available to subscribers for weekly market report "Black Sea Grain & Oil" by UkrAgroConsult.  



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