Fungicides dominated almost half of pesticide usage in Spain in 2015


Fungicides were the most widely used active substance in Spain in 2015, representing 47.1% of the total marketed substances, reports.
Insecticides and acaricides accounted for just 8.7% of the total, according to the "2015 Marketing Survey of Plant Protection Products," published by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) for the fifth year.    

Inorganic fungicides were the most used, accounting for 84.1% of total fungicides and bactericides and 39.6% of the total substances sold commercially.
Within the group of herbicides, phenoxy herbicides represented 9.4%. The most used substances in this group were categorized as "Others and not classified,” accounting for 75.4% of the total herbicides.
Organophosphates, accounting for 33.7%, were the most traded among those insecticides and acaricides. Those listed under the heading, "Other and unclassified" accounted for 60.6% of the total in this group.
Fungicides and bactericides marketed in 2015 amounted to 36,437 tons, representing 47.1% of the total substances marketed during this period.
In 2015, the quantity of fungicides and bactericides fell by 5.1% when compared to 2014 but was 12.5% more than the 2013 figure.
The total amount of herbicides marketed in 2015 was 15,586 tons, representing 20.2% of total substances marketed during this period.
In 2015, herbicides volumes rose by 4.5%, compared to 2014, and by 5.9% when compared to 2013.
Together, 6,758 tons of insecticides and acaricides, representing 8.7% of the total, were marketed. This was 11.2% less than the 2014 figure, and 2.2% less than the quantity sold in 2013.
In the category of growth and other regulators, 18,517 tons were sold in 2015, accounting for 24% of the total substances marketed for this period. It was 2.8% more than the 2014 figure and 5.7% more than the 2013 level.


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