Georgia postpones ban on transportation of grains by trucks until the end of 2018


The government of Georgia decided to again postpone a ban it had earlier imposed on imports and exports of grains and wheat and rye flour by trucks across its territory, the Armenian Embassy in Georgia said on its official Facebook page.

It said under a decision of Georgian Finance Minister Ivan Machavariani, the import and export of grain and flour by vehicles will be carried out until the end of the year. The first deadline was September 15 which was later extended until October 1.

The Embassy said the government of Georgia will use this time span to develop mechanisms for a less painful transition to the new scheme.

Under a provisional agreement between the South Caucasus Railways that operates Armenia’s railways and the Georgian Railways, signed earlier this month, prices for rail transportation of grain from the Georgian Black Sea port of Poti to Armenia were to enjoy a 52% discount beginning from September 1.

According to entrepreneurs' estimates, the cost of importing 1 ton of wheat by truck is $40. The ban would raise it by at least $30. From January to July 2018, more than $1.3 million worth grains were exported from Georgia, while imports amounted to more than $62.4 million.


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