Georgian cheese may appear on the Russian shelves


Georgia plans to deliver to Russian traditional national cheese

As reported by "Interfax" the press-Secretary of the Rosselkhoznadzor Julia Melano, the possibility of this among other issues were discussed during the negotiations of the head of service Sergey Dankvert with the head of National food Agency of Georgia Zurab, Chekurashvili on Thursday.

In this regard, the Georgian side appealed to the President to undertake the inspection of dairy enterprises of Georgia, wishing to deliver these products in Russia. A similar request was also sent to colleagues in Armenia.

In addition, there was discussion about the inspection of Russian companies to the Georgian experts in connection with the increase of deliveries to Georgia of live cattle and meat products. Yu Melano also reported that Z. Chekurashvili transferred to S. Dankvert official letter containing the consent to the use in Georgia of the electronic system "Argus-Phyto".

This system is designed for automation of processes of registration and accounting of documents for phytosanitary surveillance, she explained, adding that "this work could begin in the near future."

The Georgian side also said that the national food Agency pays special attention to the issues of re-export of products prohibited for import to Russia, and will ensure that re-export of supplies via Georgia is not carried out. However, she voiced concern about the Russian customs service laboratory studies of tomatoes shipped from Georgia.

"So, to confirm the country of origin, the customs authorities apply the method of morphological study of pollen. This method, according to the Georgian side is not entirely legitimate. Moreover, such studies are not able to give an objective assessment," she said.

In this regard, the Georgian side appealed to the President to carry out the corresponding work on the basis of the subordinate service of the Institute of plant quarantine (the fgbi "VNIIKR") and create a legitimate system of such control.


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