Gnidava Sugar Refinery acquired the newest German equipment


Gnidava Sugar Refinery made another major investment in sugar production — the purchase and installation of filter presses for filtering suspension. The project started in December last year.

It is annonced by the Deputy Chairman of the Investment Board Glib Galkevych, the press service of the company reportes.

Previously, the process was carried out on vacuum filters, but the equipment was already out of date and resulted in the corresponding sugar losses. That's why the company decided to install modern equipment. Having analyzed all suppliers, the preference was given to «Putsch» German company. Recently, the equipment is actively engaged in its installation.

«The project was developed by «POLIMEX» Polish company, and Ukrainian companies are already engaged in installation of equipment. The work of these filter presses will reduce sugar losses in defecate almost 4 times due to the best modern technologies. This season, defecatе will have a different structure, and the enterprises will be able to take it as a valuable mineral fertilizer directly from the refinery» — assures Glib Galkevych.

Also, the installation of equipment will enable the closure of the condensate water cycle, which will reduce the use of fresh water.

Thus, another step in modernization of Gnidava Sugar Refinery is to continue the reduction of discharges into fields of filtration with the purpose of their further elimination, achieving environmental norms of European production.


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