Govt Confirms Rice Import of 500,000 Tons


The government confirmed the additional import of 500,000 tons of rice from Vietnam and Thailand, which was decided in the Coordination Meeting at the Office of the Coordinating Minister for the Economic Affairs.

Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita confirmed the report on The Voice Of Vietnam Online ( page, which states that the National Logistics Agency (Bulog) has signed a contract to purchase 300,000,000 tons of rice from Vietnam and 200,000 from Thailand. "Yeah, that's the inputs from April to July 2018."

In the news entitled "Import Demand Continues Boosting Vietnam's Rice Export", it is stated that the import is the third time since 2018. Vietnam Food Association (VFA) Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Nam confirmed the report.

Nguyen stated that Bulog has invited The Vietnam Northern Food Corporation and The Vietnam Southern Food Corporation to supply the rice. The contract will be realized from April to July 2018.

"It's decision of coordination meeting, not my decision. Then it is Bulog which implements. This is to increase the government's rice reserves at least until next year. If there is no import since the beginning, then we will have deficit," said Enggartiasto, Monday (5/142018).

Earlier in the year 2018, the government also decided to import rice from Vietnam and Thailand amounting to 500,000 tons to strengthen government stocks and lowered the price of the commodity which at that time reached IDR13,000 per kilogram. Bulog Stocks on May 14, 2018 was recorded amounting to 1,262,782 tons. A total of 453,787 tons of rice were imported and commercial stocks were 106,186 tons. The rest is the result of Bulog local purchase since early 2018.


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