Grain crop in Russia up 11% from last year


According to calculations of the Russian State Statistics Service, Russian growers of all types harvested a total 134.1 MMT of grain (net weight) in 2017. So, the crop increased 11.1% against 2016 (120.7 MMT), the Service reports. This is accounted for by 93.9 MMT of grains, including corn, grown by farming companies, 39.2 MMT by commercial private farms and 1 MMT by household farms.

According to the latest updates issued by the Ag Ministry, cereals and pulses were harvested from 99.1% of their acreage by December 18. The crop was estimated at 140.4 MMT in bunker weight. At the same time, while wheat and barley had been harvested from 100% of their areas (though the forecasts for wheat and barley harvest areas were reduced by 1% and 2%, respectively, in the course of harvesting),14.4% (414 Th ha) of corn still remained in the field.

Thus, a while later, the final data on the grain crop may get adjusted upwardly, like they did last year. So, corn was harvested from 89% of area by the end of 2016 and, consequently, the Russian State Statistics Service announced its crop at 13.8 MMT in December. However, its final crop was adjusted to 15.3 MMT in March 2017.



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