Grain production in the United States exceeds 465 million tons in the current year


In 2016-17 MG American farmers can harvest their fields in order to 465.9 million tonnes of grain

In the past reporting period, experts of the International Grains Council gave a similar forecast. A year earlier, the production was 42.4 million tons, a more modest, and in 2014-15 mg of this indicator is inferior to the current expectations of 33.1 million tons.

Beginning stocks of grain crops in the United States in the year under review are estimated at 74,8 million tons. Earlier, analysts gave a more optimistic Outlook, namely, 0.2 million tons higher. In the previous my, this figure is fixed at the level of 67.6 million tons. At the beginning of the 2014-15 season grain reserves was 24.4 million tonnes less than expected in 2016-17.

The size of grain crops in the state this season is expected to grow to 548,2 million tons. In the previous report, MSZ prospects 0.3 million tons more pessimistic. A year earlier this indicator was 49.6 million tons modest.

Export shipments of grain of U.S. origin in 2016-17 marketing year, according to current expectations, could increase to 91,1 million tons against the target of the 2015-16 season (78.5 million tons). It should be noted, last month the expectations were 1.2 million tonnes lower.

Grain imports of this species in the reporting period is expected to reach 7.6 million tons. In the previous validation report for the import was the same. We will remind, a year earlier, the purchase of grain was 0.1 million tonnes lower.

The consumption of grain in the United States of America in 2016-17 MG, according to the current forecast by the IGC, will increase compared to the previous season (345,3 thousand tons) up to 363,4 million tons. However, a month earlier, the experts ' forecast was at 1.3 million tons more pessimistic.

Ending stocks of grain in the United States in this season are projected at $ 93.7 million tons, according to the latest data. A month earlier, the estimate was 2.7 million tons higher. In 2015-16 season, the amount of carryover reserves is estimated much smaller – 74,8 million tons.


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