Grain yield increases in Kazakhstan


As of August 20, 1.895 million tons of grain has been threshed in Kazakhstan, which is 0.07 percent less than the indicator for the same period last year (1.896 million tons), the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan stated.

The average yield is 18.9 quintals per hectare, which is 3.85 percent more than in the last year (18.2 quintals per hectare).

According to the data of the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of Economy of Kazakhstan, in 2018, the area sown with agricultural crops amounted to 22.0 million hectares, which is 0.83 percent more than in 2017 (21.84 million hectares).
Of the total area under crops, 15.1 million hectares (68.8 percent) were sown with cereal and legume crops.

The main part of the areas under cereal and legume crops falls to the share of Akmola region – 4.3 million hectares (28.5 percent), Kostanay region – 4.1 million hectares (26.8 percent), North Kazakhstan region-2.8 million hectares (18.5 percent).


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