Grant Russian farmers will allocate 7.6 billion in 2017


This was announced by Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Ivan Lebedev.

 Ivan Lebedev held a meeting in a videoconference mode with heads of regional agricultural administrative bodies, as well as representatives of peasant (farmer) farms and agricultural cooperatives of the North-Western Federal district.

"We intend to continue the trend of record-breaking performance in the agricultural sector, paying special attention to small forms of managing", — said Ivan Lebedev, adding that farmers today are drivers of economic growth in agriculture.

The Deputy Minister drew the attention of the meeting that the 2017 grant support agricultural cooperatives is part of a "single subsidy".

Of the 36 billion roubles of Federal funds, "single grant" for grant development activities of farmers and cooperatives in the current year (according to preliminary information of the regions) will be 7.6 billion or 21% of the "uniform subsidy".

On support of beginning farmers provided about 3 billion rubles, the development of family livestock farms – 3.1 billion rubles, agricultural cooperatives – 1.5 billion rubles.

According to Ivan Lebedev, thanks to state support, plans to create at least 3 741 jobs in cooperatives around 574.

Regions of the northwestern Federal district in 2017 for grant support small farms it is planned to allocate 1.7 billion rubles, or 19% of the "uniform subsidy".


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