Groats production recovering in Ukraine


Groats production in Ukraine totaled 35.05 KMT in September 2016 or up 13.5% from September 2015 (30.87 KMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

In 2016 the production of all groats in Ukraine has increased 2.2% to 233.12 KMT. This included a 46.4% hike in output of rice groats, to 13.51 KMT, 36.5% in oat groats (2.02 KMT), 33.1% in millet groats (11.77 KMT), and a 2.2% growth in corn groats (45.8 KMT).

On the contrary, output of pearl barley groats dropped in Q 1-3 2016 (down 3.8%, to 6.77 KMT), as well as buckwheat groats production (down 26.4%, to 34.19 KMT). As we noted before, that substantial decrease in buckwheat groats production results from last year’s slump in buckwheat harvest.

With regard to the prospects for 2017, UkrAgroConsult expects the country’s production of buckwheat groats to recover due to higher total buckwheat production in 2016 and the possibility to provide the domestic market with Ukrainian buckwheat without imports.



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