Harvesting of winter rapeseed in Ukraine is 90% complete


According to the Ag Ministry of Ukraine, winter rapeseed had been harvested from 878.4 Th ha by July 23 (90% of its projected harvest area of 980.2 Th ha). The crop amounted to 2254.2 KMT with an average yield of 2.57 MT/ha. The latter is 3.2% higher than last year’s 2.49 MT/ha. As before, the harvest progress is far ahead of 2017. So, rapeseed was harvested from just some 440 Th ha a year ago, with its crop at 1094 KMT.

The harvest of spring rapeseed is 11.3% complete (6.2 Th ha out of its projected area of 55.1 Th ha). Farmers brought in 10.3 KMT with a yield of 1.66 MT/ha. The pace of harvesting spring rapeseed is three times ahead of last year, while its yield is 8.5% higher than in 2017.





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